Alessia Federici | Design & Art Direction
  • Recent Projects

    Art direction & Photography

    Digital art direction and photography for native and bespoke promotions on Vogue and Glamour UK. Brands include fashion and beauty clients.

    Condé Nast Digital UK / Glamour Magazine UK / 2015-2016

    Glamour UK Imedeen Bespoke Campaign

    Still Life Photography

    Art Direction


    I had the chance to work on and develop myself the concept of this Imedeen campaign for Glamour UK. The still life photography and stop frame animation aimed at showing and bringing to life the Glamour team's beauty routine, from healthy food habits to pampering treatments, including the promoted beauty supplement, in a fun, visually engaging execution.

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    Glamour UK / 2015

  • Art direction

    Condé Nast Digital bespoke promotions

    Concept development, art direction and design for digital bespoke promotions on British Vogue, GQ, Glamour and Traveller. Brands include John Frieda, House of Fraser, Pandora, Stella McCartney, Dior, Clarins and more.

    Condé Nast Digital UK / 2014-2015

    John Frieda

    Video-shoot Art Direction

    Digital Design

    "Beautiful Creatures" shows the incredible potential to achieve ethereal, elegant beauty using John Frieda's products.
    I collaborated with the Vogue print promotions team as Art Director for the video-shoot, being involved in all the different phases of the project from concept stage to final design delivery.
    Based on the idea that hair and style are intrinsically tied, an ultra slow-motion video in its high definition helps capturing the essence of this premium beauty. We collaborated with professional hair stylist Kerry Warn to showcase the dynamism of John Freida's range.

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    CondéNast Digital UK, Vogue UK / 2015

    Director of Photography: Baz Irvine | Print Promotion Art director: Jennifer Grant

    House of Fraser

    Street-style photoshoot Art Direction

    Digital Design

    In collaboration with GQ, I worked on an online advertorial to promote HOF Spring/Summer range.
    "Story of th Blues" highlights the brand's main trend, the blue, through street-style photography.
    I was responsible for the look and feel of the campaign, art-direction of the photoshoot, and design of the reponsive template.

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    CondéNast Digital UK / 2015
    Photographer: Yolanda Chiaramello

  • Interface Design

    Websites and interfaces

    Design and front-end development of usable and responsive digital products. Brands include British Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller, Nokia, House and Garden, Range Rover.

    Vogue Uk
    Responsive web design and mobile design

    CondéNast Digital UK / 2014


    British Traveller redesign: UX and design of article pages, navigation and gallery framework. The challenge was to create a flexible template which would work for both long-form and short articles, creating an immersive reading experience.

    CondéNast Digital UK / 2012-2013

    Related Articles and Navigation

    Engaging readers and encreasing traffic by multi-level related articles navigation and tags


    House was born as a "sophisticated design, decoration, food and lifestyle" online offering for House and Garden magazine, taking Pinterest as source of inspiration. I was responsible for the design and look and feel of the site, as well as for its new online identity.

    CondéNast Digital UK (House & Garden online) 2014

    List pages and gallery

    Recipes and collection pages

    Range Rover experience

    Visuals for a microsite for Range Rover. The concept for "perfect Places" was showing an immersive user experience in parallax-scroll, with horizontal navigation.

    Wunderman UK / 2010-2011

    Nokia interactive and

    Website design for Nokia's e-commerce database and, providing all the information related to Nokia products.

    Wunderman UK, 2011.

  • Visual Identity & Branding

    House was born as a "sophisticated design, decoration, food and lifestyle" online offering for House and Garden magazine, taking Pinterest as source of inspiration.

    CondéNast Digital UK (House & Garden online) 2014

    House: Logo sketching and brand development

    In the Naming process, "Pinch" was one of the first options considered for the online site. The challenge was to find a short, young name that would organically complement House and Garden's Magazine brand.

    Neglected Tropical Diseases END7

    Logo, branding and social for the Campaign aiming to see the end of 7 Neglected Tropical Diseases by 2020

    Project's Facebook page and Campaign's mission video

    Wunderman UK, 2011.


    Concept and visual identity for the Electronic Music Festival "Mit in Town". Film storyboard. The idea behind: sound generates moods.

    Freelance, 2009

  • Mobile Apps

    Glamour and Vogue Magazine apps

    App Framework

    Information Architecture, Concept and UI Design for Condé Nast UK html custom template, used for all titles. The app translates magazine content on mobile and touch devices. Each "card" is a widget to be explored, taking the readers to the article and gallery pages.

    Condé Nast Digital UK / 2014-2015

    Magazine cover

    Cover lines become interactive by appearing on scroll and directly linking to article pages.

    Glamour Magazine App (November 2014)

    Vogue Magazine App (February 2015)

  • About

    Multidisciplinary Designer and Art Director with experience in creating and developing digital products; from usable and interactive web experiences to promotional campaigns.

    Recently involved in creating and defining bespoke online promotions for all Condé Nast titles including Vogue, GQ and Glamour UK, collaborating with a variety of clients including Tom Ford, YSL, House of Fraser, L'Oreal, Clinique, featured on Vogue, Glamour and GQ sites.
    Involved in: art direction, photoshoots, digital design and information architecture. Playing an important role presenting to and collaborating with clients.

    Clients include

    Publishing (Condé Nast titles: Vogue, Glamour, CN Traveller, House and Garden, Wired, GQ) Fashion & Beauty, Luxury, Lifestyle, Food & Travel, Automotive, Mobile & Tech

    Webby Nomination Best Practices and Webby Honoree for Best Megazine (2013) British Vogue
    AOP (Association of Online Publishing) Nomination for Best Consumer website (2013) British Vogue

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